Summer Wellness Guide


This is the first summer that I am a mom to two and learning how to navigate it is pretty interesting. I am an over analyzer by nature so constantly figuring out how I take care of each kid's needs throughout the day has become a full-time job. I strive every day to make sure that they are healthy and happy and that is why I wanted to create a summer wellness guide for you to reference and maybe try out some of the things that work for us!


I'm huge on this! In these summer months with the scorching heat our body's need the extra water to perform as it should. Without proper hydration our blood becomes thicker, our organs work harder and our overall health feels mehhh. To combat this properly we need to hydrate accordingly and that is by ACTIVATING our water with fresh lemon juice! Cut up some lemon wedges and squeeze awaaaaay!

Eat Seasonal!

I prepare fruit for breakfast. We eat cut up watermelon, bananas, orange slices, frozen wild blueberries with coconut milk, berries, apples or smoothies. It so easy to offer this because the kids love it, its simple and nutritious and theres hardly any clean up. Who likes washing pans and cooking utensils multiple times a day? Dinnertime is ENOUGH for me lol.

Fun in the Sun

Staying protected from the suns powerful rays I believe is everyone's number one concern. But actually knowing how to protect and what with, are key to keeping our body's healthy.

There are so many different sunblocks and sunscreens out there your head may spin if you actually take the time to look at every bottle. Just know that the what we put on our skin MATTERS because our skin is our biggest organ and what goes on it sink right into it, into our blood and through our liver. Overburdened livers are not something you want so putting things on your skin that are healthy for it is wise. Our livers are our bodies filters. Think of an air conditioner, you clean its filter every season because if not the gunk builds up and it cant perform properly and then your environment starts to become uncomfortable which leads you to act out of sorts. This is what happens over time with products that don't belong on our skin.

We use Babyganics for the pool and outside activities. My children have yet to get burned and I find that it keeps my sunburn-prone skin protected while also allowing me to achieve a tan. We have the spray and also the tube. Personally, I like the spray better because it's more moveable on our skin, while the tube is thick and pasty. I have a trick for when the spray is low, I pour the tube sunscreen into the spray bottle and thin it out, shake it up and it works exactly the same.