Fall Bucket List


The leaves are starting to change color and fall on the ground and it has me so excited to enter into this season of F A L L ! Fall is probably my most favorite season. There is just something about cozying up the house, throwing on baggy sweaters, feeling the crisp cool air on my face and that deep deep blue sky you see against the fall foliage <333

We embrace the spirit of each holiday and every season! So that is why I wanted to create my own bucket list and inspire YOU to join us! Since transitioning over to a healthy lifestyle we have had to tweak some things to fit accordingly. But all in all things are still enjoyable, if not more, theres so much to explore!

If you're like me and always forget things or have mom brain lol, I created a printable version of this for you to print off, hang it on the fridge and cross things off as you go!

I hope you enjoy and please make us apart of your journey by using the hashtag #motherknowswellness we are honored to be apart of your life!

Mother Knows Wellness-2.png
lauren rattigan