Hey I'm Lauren and I am so glad to have you here! You are about to learn who I am and what I'm about. I believe the best relationships are built on trust and once you read all of the hurdles that I have overcome I believe that you will trust in my abilities to guide you!

But first, I must say based on my personal experience, The best it yet to come!

Growing up I had a pretty average life with a supportive, loving, crazy family. All of my life experiences, good and bad have shaped me into who I am today. My life has not always been a walk in the park though.

From a young age I was raised by my single mom, witnessing the struggles of life such as how to try and make ends meet. I faced insecurities during the most crucial social years of my adolescent life and was self conscious because I suffered physically and emotionally from facial acne. I lost my identity and self belief.

Then I formed my first real relationship when I was 16. We dated for six years when we learned that we were pregnant with our first child! We were over the moon with joy until, days before our due date when we learned that our angel didn't have a heartbeat. Our earth shattered and crumbled and I was left empty and lost for a period of time after experiencing her stillbirth. Welcoming our sleeping angel, Emmy Jade was a pivotal point in my life where tragedy turned to purpose.

Today I lead my life with the strong belief, that Everything Happens for a Reason. My outlook is.. It is there for us, to grow us or show us.

Since 2011 I have welcomed two more babies in my life, a spiritual connection that divinely guides me, an engagement and indestructible partnership to my high school sweet heart, a strong mindset with a positive outlook, laughter and the ability to coach amazing women, who know that there is a life waiting for them outside of what they have been settling for.

It is my honor to be of service to those who need guidance, support, love and light.

I look forward to joining you along this path that we walk together.